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The company is looking to create a network with up to 5000 spirited, dedicated and adaptable Retail Grocery platform owners, Food Merchants, Food Bloggers and all those who want to make money online to join and participate in its affiliate program while they enjoy amazing rewards and benefits.

These affiliate partners will be required to promote the Naijasweetrice brand through their platforms (Social media or website or both) and earn commission from qualified sales (conversion) that they are able to make through their promotion efforts.


Our rice is premium quality parboiled rice and 100% organic, cultivated and processed in Nigeria. It is chemical and preservative free which makes it safe for all class of consumers including diabetic patients (YES!) due to its resistant starch content. There has been a lot of positive feedbacks on our products overtime and we believe our brand will make a difference in the lives of all Nigerians who participates in the rice value chain.


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You get notified when you earn commission from completed orders made through your referral link.


Our compensation structure is designed to pay affiliates at a rate that is among the best in the retail grocery category. The following perks will be available to our affiliates as well:

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We understand that you might be new to this arrangement and that is why we have made provisions to be with you every step of the way to ensure that our relationship is profitable and sustainable.

The following provisions have been made to support you as a Naijasweetrice affiliate partner:

  • A thriving community where ideas will be shared on how to get started and begin making money from your digital platform on an autopilot basis.
  • Periodic social media posts design to support the dissemination of your message.
  • Periodic tips on how to get the most out of our affiliate partnership program.


Becoming a Naijasweetrice Affiliate gives you an opportunity to earn some money for advertising our product. Your Affiliate link provides easy access to high-demand products. In turn, you’ll receive regular commission for all eligible sales generated by referring visitors to our site ( Naijasweetrice handles all processing, fulfillment, shipments and customer service for these orders.

Go to our Affiliate program page, fill in the necessary information and read our Terms and Conditions and privacy policy for the program, We would notify you via email when your information has been received.

Nothing.There is no fee required to become an Affiliate. Application is free. There is also no minimum referral requirement you must reach before earning with our program. You start earning right away.

As an affiliate, you have access to a daily report of commissions earned. This report is on your affiliate dashboard.

When a referred customer’s order has been completed, you would receive a mail of the commission you earned for that order. A completed order means the customer is satisfied with the order and has made payment. Affiliates would be credited via Bank transfer as soon as an allocated sum of  5000 has been made by referrals.

You earn amazing commissions while at your comfort zone. Our program is flexible and friendly. You’ll receive a weekly newsletter about great products to feature on your website or social network.

On your Affiliate dashboard, you will see the “Banner” menu. Click on it and select any banner of your choice. Select the banner size you want, then copy the link of the selected banner.

No. You apply once and advertise using your referral link on your multiple website.

After signing up for our affiliate program, you would be sent a mail of successful application. This means you have been accepted into our affiliate program.

Yes. You will receive commission for any product that is purchased by a customer who clicks on your affiliate link across

For more information, contact

As soon as you become an affiliate, you’ll have access to a variety of links to display on your website. The types of links include different sizes of banners to categories and product pages, as well as promotional banners.

If a customer requests a refund, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

Yes. As an affiliate, you get personalized links.

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