NaijaSweetRice is medium-long grain parboiled rice, sourced from Nigerian Farms

Rice is parboiled when it is soaked, steamed and dried in its husk before milling

Parboiling process allows rice endosperm to absorb vital nutrients from the rice bran for an enhanced nutritional profile; as a result the rice cooks firmer and fluffier than regular rice. The steaming process of parboiling gelatinizes and hardens the endosperm to create a type of resistant starch that is not easily digested and absorbed in the small intestine

Resistant starch serves as prebiotic {specialized fiber that serves as food for good bacteria(probiotics)} in the large intestine where it is fermented by beneficial good bacteria to promote gut health by yielding short chain fatty acids which nourishes the cells of the large intestine

Parboiled rice has a lower glyceamic index than regular white rice, this means that upon ingestion your blood sugar level will not rise as fast as it would with white rice, this is as a result of the resistant starch described above

It is a better source of fiber , calcium, Potassium  Vitamin B1 and B6 others are Iron, Magnesium and Zinc which helps produce the cells that fight bacteria and infections

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